Minecraft- Creative Mode

I’ve talked about all things in minecraft from melee to epic building designs the best thing left to do now is try out creative mode maybe just to perfect something your trying to build. I used this when i was trying to build the zombie spawner as there is many different ways i could have tryed but using this it gave me an idea of all the resources i would need and what was most efficent to use to gain the best experience. In creative mode you fly around on an open world its just 1 layer of flat grass its cool. I would recommened trying out your new epic builds in this as its a good way to find these things out. well thats all i can talk about it thanks 🙂


Minecraft – Mods

Minecraft mods are like little games that can be added to minecraft to make them more enjoyable. Ive played a few of these mods and some of them are really interesting. My favourite mod had to be the airplane mod as you get to build and make the plane with a few different choices to choose from. The planes are very difficult to make but there fun to do at the same time. Theres mods for anything you can think of and there well worth giving a try ill put up a post about it 🙂

Minecraft – Combat

Today i will run you through the combat system in minecraft its fairly basic anyway. Theres 2 types of combat in minecraft well theres 3 if you want to get technical about it. You can use melee or ranged. Theres also using traps like tnt which will blow up the enemy which is kinda like combat. Melee is simple to use point and click its the same for ranged you just aim and shoot. obviously theres different wepeaons you can use and different grades of wepaons. You can get better items with the base material you use to create the item. diamond being the best obviously. you can then enchant the items using an enchantment table which is best used at lvl 50 as that will give the best enchantment. This is mainly the combat of minecraft just point and click its simple. Ill put up a video outlining it in better detail.